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“Projects from the Bleeding Edge” — that’s us! Fictionaut co-founder Jürgen Fauth contributed a chapter on our community to Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto, a collection of essays about the state of publishing edited by Hugh McGuire and Brian O’Leary,  now available from O’Reilly.

Fictionaut is joining Reddit, Wikipedia, Boing Boing, and many other sites in the strike to oppose the Internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA. Tomorrow, January 18, the site will go dark from 8am to 8pm EST. Fictionaut is committed to creativity, freedom of expression, and a censorship-free Internet, and we hope that the blackout will help to draw attention to this fundementally flawed legislation.

In addition to our regular, 100% handmade @Fictionaut Twitter feed, we are now offering an automated stream of community recommendations called @FictionautRx.

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   Checking in with @Geek
   Fictionaut Five: Alan Heathcock

The first Valentine Day Massacre is now available as a beautiful chapbook from Červená Barva Press. Even better, there’s a new massacre underway now in the Valentine Day group.

   Fictionaut Five: Erika Dreifus
   Monday Chat with Linda Simoni-Wastila
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   Line Breaks: “The Right Thing” by Robert Boswell

The January 2011 issue of The Writer Magazine features an article about Fictionaut by Erika Dreifus. [Read more]

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   Fictionaut Five: Rick Moody
   Monday Chat with Foster Trecost

If you have a Kindle, Nook, Kobo Reader or other eReader, you can now subscribe to the latest Fictionaut stories and have them delivered directly to your device in full length. Here’s how. [Read more]

   Monday Chat with Kathy Fish
   Checking in With Blue Five Notebook
   Fictionaut Five: Bill Yarrow
   Line Breaks: “Gershwin’s Second Prelude” by Charles Baxter

We’ve teamed up with LitSense, a new advertising network dedicated specifically to literary websites. The ads you’ll see are for books by independent and web-savvy publishers that should — we hope — be interesting to Fictionauts. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Janice Eidus
   Checking in With Ramshackle
   Fictionaut Five: Jane Ciabattari
   Fictionaut Reading @ KGB in New York, Oct. 17

Fictionaut @ KGB

We’re delighted to announce Fictionaut’s inaugural New York City reading, at KGB Bar on October 17 at 7pm. [Read more]

   Checking In With Thunderclap
   Luna Digest, 9/30
   Fictionaut Five: Brad Watson

Password Incorrect figured out an easy way to get your favorite Fictionaut stories onto your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or other ePub-capable device. The solution involves Instapaper, an app that can be used to transfer any web page for offline reading. [Read more]

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   Fictionaut Five: Jane Hammons
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