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Radiohead always makes me feel more creative. Shostakovich helps me access my dark side. Sometimes if I need a pick up, I listen to the Black Eyed Peas, which either gets me to write or gets me to dance around in my living room–both of which seem productive.

Together the narrator and the cat go on a journey with soothsayers, dust bunnies and every oddball healer you can imagine. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Jane Smiley
   Monday Chat with Marcus Speh

Q (Nicolle Elizabeth for Fictionaut): The metadata in the spaceship tells me Matchbook is our most “happenin” group currently. What’s the deal here, you bribing people?

A (Edward Mullany): We’re excited about the way Fictionaut is establishing itself as a place for both writers and groups of writers to read and discuss literature in an atmosphere that is positive and serious. [read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Matt Bell

   Luna Digest, 12/22
   Line Breaks: “Fragment from an Untelevised Revolution” by Rick Moody


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