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“To heed the call of the novel,” Solares said, “you have to be willing to sacrifice everything. To heed the call of the short story, you have to be willing to sacrifice everything on the spot.” [Read more]

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Passing of an Icon

I’d like to not write a mediocre piece on Salinger. Death, a subject we writers pull from often, ironically, is tough when you’re talking about an icon who shaped the voice and face of so much literature for so many authors in the 20th century. [Read more]

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If you are new to Fictionaut, there may be confusion about what this place is. Facebook meets Zoetrope? A Wikipedia for the literary underground? Classmates for MFAs? What should be immediately apparent is that there are a lot of very talented writers here that you’ve never heard of. Keep reading…

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huffpo-smAt the Huffington Post, Jürgen Fauth considers Fictionaut’s disruptive potential and whether “it may be more productive to consider the changes roiling the publishing industry evolutionary rather than revolutionary.” Keep reading.

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In the Huffington Post’s brand-new book section, Jürgen talks about the ideas behind Fictionaut. Read “Why Anyone Can Publish On Fictionaut.”

Masha Tupitsyn is the author of Beauty Talk & Monsters, a collection of film-based stories, and co-editor of the anthology Life As We Show It: Writing on Film, a cross-genre collection that uses short stories, essays, and poetry to explore the cinematic experience. She also writes daily film criticism on Twitter using only 140 characters. The following is an excerpt from Masha’s introduction to Life As We Show It.

By confabulating movies they hadn’t actually viewed, the writers in Lowblueflame concocted parallel pictures, plots, and narratives. In many of the stories, subtext is teased and stretched until it possesses the official narrative, filling and swallowing it like the amorphous creature in The Blob.

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I am against social networking sites but I am for them. I have made no secret of my opinion.

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James Robison‘s stories have appeared in the New Yorker and the Mississippi Review, and his first collection was awarded a Whiting Grant. His novel, The Illustrator, won a Rosenthal Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His story “Mars” is on Fictionaut.

When I say I teach writing, I’m still and often challenged by even the nicest civilians, and asked if such is possible. The question sharking under the surface here is, “Can anyone make anyone into a major artist?” with the attached sub-query, “And if not, why are colleges wasting time with this?”

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David Shields is the author of ten books, including New York Times bestseller The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead, the PEN/Revson Award winner Remote, and the forthcoming Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David sent the following essay for the Fictionaut blog.

The police in Milpitas, CA, are going to make arrests in this case because someone video-phoned the fight and then uploaded it on YouTube. At the 2:42 mark, the video moves inside the Vietnamese restaurant. You can see how quickly things get out of control.

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