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Mashable, “the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture,” profiled Fictionaut for their Spark of Genius series, which highlights unique startups. What makes Fictionaut special is both the superb quality of the work (see Jane Hammon’s “Making It Right,” for instance) and the community itself. The network has thus […]

We would love to collect more examples of good things that happened to writers because of Fictionaut. [Read more]

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Sari Cunningham’s story “The Egg Whisk” is the second Fictionaut story chosen by Significant Objects to raise money for Girls Write Now. Congratulations, Sari! You can bid on the significant whisk on eBay. [Read more]

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Fictionaut Survey

Fictionaut has always relied on your feedback to evolve. To find out what works, what doesn’t, and what we need to improve next, we’ve created a short survey. We’re grateful for your responses. [Read more]

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Out of several entries in the Significant Objects group, Nicholas Rombesstory was chosen as the official tale of “the music box disguised as a gift that everybody knew was a music box.” The story is now up on the Significant Objects site, and you can bid on the box on eBay. Proceeds from the auction are donated to 826 National.

For the second round, an egg whisk begs for signification. For more on Significant Objects, read Nicolle’s check-in with the S.O. group.

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Fictionaut is now offering RSS feeds for latest stories, recommended stories, and group activity. With a feed reader of your choice, you can subscribe to a full-text feed of the latest stories as they appear on the site and recommended stories that break into the top ten. To make it easier to find busy groups, we’re now also offering a way to sort groups by most active in a given time period in the groups overview.

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huffpo-smAt the Huffington Post, Jürgen Fauth considers Fictionaut’s disruptive potential and whether “it may be more productive to consider the changes roiling the publishing industry evolutionary rather than revolutionary.” Keep reading.

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Mediabistro‘s Jason Boog and Matt Van Hoven talked to Fictionaut co-founder Jürgen Fauth about “building a socially-networked model for 21st Century writers.” You can listen at Galleycat.

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Fictionaut brings the social web to literary fiction, connecting readers and writers through a community network that doubles as self­selecting magazine highlighting the most exciting short stories, poetry, flash fiction, and novel excerpts.

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