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January Favorites

Listing the Fictionaut favorites of 2008 was so much fun that we couldn’t wait a whole year to do it again. Here, then, are ten stories posted in January that stirred up the most interest in the community, as determined by a combination of views, comments, and favorites.

  1. A Man by Pia Ehrhardt
  2. Gymnopédie Set by Scott Garson
  3. No One Was With Him by Kim Chinquee

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It’s the tail end of the year, and everybody’s got a list. Ours is community-sourced: the top ten recommended stories on Fictionaut since beta testing began in August, as determined by a combination of comments, views, and faves. Congrats to the writers, thanks to everybody for reading and commenting, and a happy, healthy, and productive 2009 all around!

  1. The Hollow by Kathy Fish
  2. Ambulance by Pia Ehrhardt
  3. States of Residency by Myfanwy Collins

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Oh Du Fröhliche

“Dad woke us up and said it was time to go.” Thus begins “Christmas Morning” by Rarely Likable blogger and Northville Review editor Erin Fitzgerald, an eerie post-apocalyptic flash fiction that distills the promise and dread of the holidays into a compact 200-word story fraught with hope and fear.

It’s our way of wishing you happy holidays and thanking you for being a part of Fictionaut. We’re thrilled with the way the community is developing, and we’re looking forward to adding all sorts exciting improvements to the site in the coming year.

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