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Luna Digest, 2/16

As usual, the recent issue of Cave Wall has some wonderful poems in it, such as Jennifer Atkinson’s “A Leaf from the Book of Cities.” You can read Atkinson’s poem in its entirety on Luna Park (“The city, grateful for distraction, / applauds, laughs, oohs and ahs”). [Read more]

   Fictionaut Faves, 2/15
   Checking in with Hypertext Fiction
   Line Breaks: “Pink” by Terese Svoboda
   Fictionaut Five: Jen Michalski

Luna Digest, 2/9

News possibly trumping the recent iPad announcement: The Baffler is back. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Faves, 2/8
   Checking In with Deckfight

Luna Digest, 2/2

This week on Luna Park, Michael Copperman writes what seems to me an original and thoughtful essay considering some aesthetic and political assumptions made about race in contemporary publishing. Possibly one of the most inspiring pieces we have published on LP, Copperman’s essay moves quickly from describing publishing obstacles onto the important reasons we read and write stories: “recognizing human suffering and responsibility, and so examining what is true in us and about us.” [Read more]

   Line Breaks: “The Line” by James Robison
   Passing of an Icon
   Fictionaut Five: Terese Svoboda

Luna Digest, 1/26

This week Luna Park continues our series on race, class, gender and sexuality in indie publishing with an article on publishing and the body by Sherisse Alvarez, which begins:

As a writer, I have thought a lot about “community” and what it means. I am often hyper-aware of my identities as I write: female, gay, Cuban-American, daughter of exiles.

   Bid on Nicholas Rombes’ Music Box
   Fictionaut Faves, 1/25
   Checking in with Short Story Challenge
   Line Breaks: “We” by Mary Grimm

Luna Digest, 1/19

Last week was our exhausting and hopefully exhaustive week-long look at McSweeney’s Tolstoyesque (in length) issue 33, the Panorama newspaper issue. Reading the issue all week was sort of like hanging around in the physics lab of literary publishing, if there were one, and with Richard Feynman rather than Freeman Dyson. Lots of hollering, throwing things against the wall. [Read more]

   Fictonaut Faves, 1/18
   Checking in with Opium
   Fictionaut Five: Jim Ruland

Luna Digest, 1/12

This week, Luna Park will be posting a day-by-day reading of McSweeney’s recent newspaper-styled issue 33, The San Francisco Panorama. [read more]

   Fictionaut Faves, 1/11
   Checking in with First Lines We Love
   Line Breaks: “Shopgirls” by Frederick Barthelme
   Fictionaut Five: Mike Young

Luna Digest, 1/5

Luna Park contributing writer Nick Ripatrazone has written a great essay on the use of literary magazines in the classroom.

It would be a short-sighted injustice to avoid the good work accumulating in these “little magazines” and instead pining for and discussing in classrooms the latest novel release. [read more]

Fictionaut Faves, 1/4
   Checking in with Underwater New York
   Fictionaut Five: Curtis Smith

Luna Digest is taking a break for the holiday week, and so, in the spirit of things, I’m instead posting this strange Christmas card by Etgar Keret that I received by email today from Electric Literature.

[read more]

   Line Breaks: “Fragment from an Untelevised Revolution” by Rick Moody
   Checking in with Prick of the Spindle
   Fictionaut Five: Bob Eckstein
   Luna Digest, 12/15

Sam Ruddick has a riveting new article up at Luna Park on the new (or fairly new) issue of Versal, an English-language lit mag from Amsterdam. More than simply writing a magazine review, Ruddick uses pieces from the issue to explore how words function in literature and what it is that draws us to melancholy narratives. [read more]

   Checking in with Baltimore Juggernaut
   Line Breaks: “One-Way Ticket” by Antonya Nelson
   Fictionaut Five: Jim Hanas

‘Tis the season to support small presses. Once again HTMLGIANT is hosting its Annual Indie Lit Secret Santa. Lots of indie publishers like The Lifted Brow and Keyhole have already begun offering up special offers for Secret Santa participants. [read more]

   Checking in with Significant Objects
   Luna Digest, 12/3
   Fictionaut Five: Meg Pokrass


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