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For most people who read fiction and spend much time online, this won’t be news: Electric Literature recently twittered the entirety of Rick Moody’s story “Some Contemporary Characters” over three days with the assistance of several co-publishers, of which Luna Park was one. The event was interesting to say the least, and response ranged from excitement to annoyance. Was the publishing event a success?
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I’ve been stumbling across some great excerpts recently from David Shields‘s upcoming book Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (a book previously mentioned/excerpted already on this blog by Shields himself, “David Shields: Reality Hunger“). Keep reading…

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Okay, the National Book Awards are not quite the Oscars—no one is likely to do a one-arm push up at them—but their 2009 awards ceremony is this Wednesday and it’s an exciting line-up this year. Archives of many authors in the running either interviewing or being interviewed are up at the BOMB Magazine website. Read more…

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First—yes, even before the traditional Luna Park plug—one of the most interesting things to hit the lit-Internet for some time (from Guernica): “Bolaño Inc.Keep reading…

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Who says the editing life isn’t dramatic? (Maybe no one ever said it.) Two novels out this year with protagonist lit mag editors: Sam Savage’s The Cry of the Sloth and Paul Auster’s Invisible. Keep reading this week’s Luna Digest.

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Autumn is high tide for literary magazines. Luna Park assistant editor Marcelle Heath has picked out some of the highlights. Keep reading Luna Digest.

After seeing Where the Wild Things Are this weekend (along with an audience of other Gen-Xers), I spent some time browsing around Eggers & Co. publications online and stumbled across this wonderful piece by Justin Taylor from The Believer archives, “The Codex Seraphinianus.” You kind of just have to read the article, but I will say it is a mixture of adoration for linguistic systems, ancient texts, and idiosyncratic professors.

It has been awhile, but Amsterdam’s beautifully designed English-language lit mag Versal is finally back with issue 7, including new work from Emily Carr, Peter Shippy, Mary Miller, and others. Keep reading Luna Digest…

The Digest took a week off and a lot happened, beginning here. Since Fictionaut went public last week, lit mags have invaded en masse the groups section of the site, joining the many magazines already established there. A few recent additions: NOÖ Journal, Barrelhouse, Flatmancrooked, Storyglossia, Gigantic, The Southeast Review, Short Fiction, Bull: Fiction for Thinking Men, Staccato, Prarie Schooner, and Bartelby Snopes. And on the blog, editor Ben White takes a moment to talk about Nanoism and Fictionaut groups. Keep reading…

Luna Digest, 9/22

First, has anyone been paying attention to Fairy Tale Review of late? Somehow the magazine’s new press has quietly become one of the best things going; their third book, Lily Hoang‘s Changing, just won the 2009 PEN/Beyond Margins Award.

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