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Luna Digest, 5/18

A few weeks ago I attended a panel of literary magazine publishers on new business models for literary magazines (things such as this recently discussed over at Bookfox). Managing editor of New England Review, Carolyn Kuebler, was one of the panelists. As most know, NER is having to change its business model in a very […]

Luna Digest, 5/4

Luna Digest, 4/27

As though in response to last week’s Digest post, this past week Gigantic co-editor Lincoln Michel added to Genoways, Nicorvo, and co.’s informal and ongoing discussion about literary magazines and literary fiction in his own piece at Faster Times. [Read more]

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Luna Digest, 4/20

I want to write this week about the great number of people and publications interested in lit mags recently. For example: The New Yorker‘s Book Bench blog has continued its weekly look at lit mags, “The Little Review.” This week, TNY takes a closer look at recent issues of N+1, Lapham’s Quarterly, and Bookforum. [Read more]

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   Line Breaks Bonus: “The Chair of Rejection” by Stacey Richter
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Luna Digest, 4/13

For many of us, the main reason to go to AWP’s annual conference is that it is the greatest grouping of lit mags this side of early 20th century Modernism. Not even Powell’s Books has as many lit mags in one room. [Read more]

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   Line Breaks: “The Palatski Man” by Stuart Dybek

Luna Digest, 3/30

Possibly the most original (and somewhat strange) news to come from the lit mag world in a while: the museum guards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art began a literary magazine, Sw!pe. [Read more]

   Line Breaks: “My Date with Satan” by Stacey Richter
   Fictionaut Five: Laura Ellen Scott

Luna Digest, 3/23

Perhaps the most interesting single thing happening in lit mag publishing is the incorporation of videos with short fiction—either as trailers, teasers, or incorporated with entire texts. And I think the most interesting and productive activity in this area is begin done by Electric Literature, primarily with their short story trailers and single sentence animation videos. [Read more]

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Luna Digest, 3/16

Mary Miller edits the new flash fiction issue of Ekleksographia, with work by Jeff Landon, Claudia Smith, Kim Chinquee, and many other talents of the form. [Read more]

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Luna Digest, 3/9

This past winter holiday, I got Cami Park a subscription to The Lumberyard for HTMLGIANT’s second annual indie lit secret santa—and I recently stumbled upon her ecstatic write-up of the first issue she received, issue 5. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Faves, 3/8
   Line Breaks: “In the

Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried” by Amy Hempel
   Fictionaut Five: Darlin’ Neal

Luna Digest, 2/23

Tomorrow, February 24, Creative Nonfiction releases their long-awaited magazine redesign. The issue looks like it will also include some interesting things for CN—such as an encounter with Dave Eggers, Philip Lopate on using the imagination, and the history of Creative Nonfiction. [Read more]

   Luna Digest, 2/23
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