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Luna Digest, 9/14

Luna Digest, 8/10

For the past year we have been asking readers, writers, and editors to chime in about Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in the independent presses. [Read more]

   Checking in With JHU MA Group
   Fictionaut Five: Kevin Morgan Watson

Luna Digest, 8/3

Today’s digest is devoted to the memory of Kevin Morrissey, the 52-year-old managing editor of Virginia Quarterly Review who took his own life this past Friday. [Read more]

   Checking in With Oil
   Luna Digest, 7/28
   Fictionaut Faves, 7/26

Luna Digest, 7/28

Did discussion of The Paris Review un-acceptance business get a bit too feverish last week on the internet? Perhaps. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Faves, 7/26
   Checking in With Magic Helicopter Press
   Fictionaut Five: CL Bledsoe

Luna Digest, 7/20

Gulf Coast lit mag from Houston is running a “Gulf Coast Clean-up” subscription drive. That’s right: two birds, one stone. Give money to Gulf Coast clean up efforts and get some great reading. [Read more]

   Checking In with Rose Metal Press
   Fictionaut Five: Charles Jensen
   Luna Digest, 7/13
   Line Breaks: “Coping Stones” by Ann Beattie
   Fictionaut Faves: Bill Yarrow

Luna Digest, 7/13

This strange business at Mississippi Review—a magazine described by Ann Beattie, Raymond Carver, Charles Simic, and others as one of the best mags in the country—has been lost in all the hullabaloo going on at The University of Southern Mississippi, host of the magazine. [Read more]

   Line Breaks: “Coping Stones” by Ann Beattie
   Fictionaut Faves, 7/11
   Checking in with SF & Fantasy
   Fictionaut Five: Marcy Dermansky

Luna Digest, 7/6

Tin House-gate is how it has been described, the topic of conversation dominating lit mag chatter this past weekend . [Read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Matthew Salesses
   Checking in With Original, Unpublished Fiction

Luna Digest, 6/30

This past Sunday I was a part of a literary magazine extravaganza at Greenlight Bookstore, a new bookstore in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. The bookstore hosted readings by Electric Literature, A Public Space, BOMB, and Armchair/Shotgun, who I was there reading for. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Faves, 6/28
   Checking in with Like Birds
   Fictionaut Five: Kyle Minor

Luna Digest, 6/22

Luna Digest, 6/8

Summer is a typically slow time for lit mags — but here are some things you might not want to miss. [Read more]

   Checking in with Word Riot
   Fictionaut Five: Ben Greenman


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