In the Huffington Post’s brand-new book section, Jürgen talks about the ideas behind Fictionaut:

What would happen, I wondered, if you gave in to that pull and let anyone publish? There are a great many writers worth reading, many of them published and many more who never make it past the traditional gatekeepers. Could we trust social features and a recommendation algorithm to help each other find them?

Read “Why Anyone Can Publish on Fictionaut.”

  1. AIC

    By “anyone” you of course mean “only those we deem worth of invites”?

    I’ve followed a few links here, and it sounds great, but I can’t log in, can’t favorite stories, can’t comment, can’t post my own stories.

    I also keep getting stymied by the “Sorry, this story does not exist anymore.”

    Fantastic site. Keep up the good work promoting it.

  2. Jürgen

    Hi AIC — thanks for the nice words. You’re right, Fictionaut is still invite-only while we’re improving the tech site of things to make sure it can handle open signups. Until then, you can request a login here: We’re doing our best to fill these speedily.

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