fullcover2Greetings Fictionaut Community. This month’s reading includes two stamp stories by Kathy Fish, one in Wigleaf and the other in the MLP Stamp Stories Anthology. Kathy’s chapbook is also reviewed at Outsider Writers Collective. Susan Tepper has a story in Schuylkill Valley Journal. Matt Potter’s Pure Slush has a new print anthology, Slut, featuring many Fictionaut members. Marcus Speh’sThe Serious Writer Occupies Wall Street” is at Occupy Writers. Atticus books’ panel discussion on the occupy movement and the arts included Marcus and Katrina Gray. Marcus’ “Tripping” is in Referential Magazine, and his “Three Questions” has been nominated for a Pushcart by Wilderness House Literary Review. Victoria Lancelotta has received an NEA Fellowship. Kari Nguyen has received a Pushcart nomination from Blink-Ink. Robert Vaughan’sBacon & Eggs, 1977” is at elimae, and “Spin-the-bottle” and “Stone Wall” at Kitchen. Robert is also Fiction Editor for Thunderclap 7: The Music Issue. Christopher Allen’s “The Shoes, the Girl and the Waves that Washed Them Away” has been nominated for a Pushcart by Blue Fifth Review/Blue Five Notebook Series. Christopher’s “Pru in the Dimple of a Broad-smiling Boy” is also at Gone Lawn. David Ackley’s “See?” is forthcoming in Wilderness House Literary Review, and “under the skin” has been nominated for The Best of the Net Anthology by THIS.

Marcelle Heath is a contributing editor for Fictionaut and assistant editor for Luna Park Review. She blogs here. Send your news for the next installment of Front Page to marcelleheath@yahoo.com.

  1. susan tepper

    Wow! No grass growing under the F’naut community of writers..

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