page1-borderHappy New Year! MaryAnne Kolton’s “She Had Sex With Strangers”, “The Love Tap”, and “NEON” is at The Toucan; “War is a Bad Thing” at Eunoia; “We Sustain” in Lost Children Charity Anthology; Invisible Child” at Anatomy; “The Birthday Girl” at Lost in Thought; “Give up?” at Larks Fiction Magazine; “Escape” and “Anya’s Frustrating Friday Morning at the Reeza Cheney Surgery Center” at The Legendary; “A Different Kind of Summer” and “Beth” at Inwood Indiana Press; “We Sustain” at Connotation Press; “a more or less uneventful flight” at Orion headless; “Duplicity” in Pure Slush’s Slut Anthology; “The Chess Teacher” at The Vehicle Magazine; and “Bed rest” at Clever Magazine. Marcus Speh’sTouching Robert Coover in Providence” is at Airplane Reading; “Thumbling” at DOGZPLOT; “a fable” at Letras Caseras; “Fox” at Necessary Fiction; “Berlin Pastoral” at Fatboy Review; and “The Story, So Far: Marcus Speh,” at Northville Review. Robert Vaughan’sWrestling with Genetics” is at Necessary Fiction; “Stubborn, Corn Maze, Distance” at Apocrypha & Abstraction; “Wait, Weight, Wait!” at Used Furniture Review; “Turkey Town” at Blue Fifth Review; “My Top 10 Books of 2011” at JMWW. Vaughan co-hosted Flash Fiction Friday at WUWM. Susan Tepper’s From the Umberplatzen is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Michelle Elvy is now editor at Blue Fifth Review. Wilderness House Literary Review has published “What’s a Housecoat” by MaryAnne Kolton; David Ackley’s “See?”; and “2008, What I Wanted” by JP Reese.

Marcelle Heath is a contributing editor for Fictionaut and assistant editor for Luna Park Review. She blogs here. Send your news for the next installment of Front Page to

  1. susan tepper

    Marcelle, thank you so much for including my new book in this amazing line-up of F’naut work!

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