Mashable, “the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture,” profiled Fictionaut for their Spark of Genius series, which highlights unique startups.

What makes Fictionaut special is both the superb quality of the work (see Jane Hammon’s “Making It Right,” for instance) and the community itself. The network has thus far attracted roughly 2,500 emerging and established writers (including names like T.C. Boyle, Ann Beattie, Frederick Bathelme and Robert Olen Butler), readers, editors, agents and various literary magazines and small presses, who have collectively shared about 10,000 pieces of short fiction. The community is thoughtful, supportive and non-competitive; individuals seem to be genuinely interested in each other’s work, not just broadcasting their own — a rare achievement for any sizable online community these days.

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  1. Marcus Speh

    nice! major achievement, in my world, to be featured by mashable -serious exposure and a great review of central fnaut features. well done.

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