From Ben Greenman (“should vanish in a hail of fire before [it] poisons our species further“)  to Judith Lawrence (“like throwing a gem into the ocean“),  opinions on Twitter are split to say the least, but we’ve found the ubiquitous microblogging service a great way to keep up with readings, publications, contests, and other goings-on in the Fictionaut community. Now, we’ve put together a handy list of Fictionaut members who use Twitter. Check in occasionally or subscribe — and if you’re missing, let us know and we’ll add you!

  1. Erica Mullenix

    You can add me if you like: hmx5. Thanks for the list!

  2. Jürgen

    Added you, Erica! Thanks!

  3. George LaCas

    Please add me to the list of Fictionauts Who Tweet – George9Writer


  4. Cheryl Snell

    My handle is @cherylsnell

  5. Randal Houle

    Thank you for putting together this list. Mine is @randalhoule

  6. martha

    Thanks for the list. I’m on Twitter too – @marthawriting.

  7. Steven

    I’m @dervish7 and there’s also an @monkeybicycle account for all of my journal’s goings-on.

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