Yesterday was an awful day, a punch to the gut sort of day. And today has also been kind of sucky. I had a lunch meeting with an artist I want to work with on a graphic novel. I tried to start my car and the battery was dead. I managed to jump it in time, and began to back out of my garage, when I noticed that one of my relatively new tires is flat. I had to text the artist and ask him to pick me up. (And it turns out that he’s got a new full-time job and is not sure he’ll have the time to take on my project.)

So now I’m lying on my couch, wondering if it’s too early for me to have a glass of wine (it is). I have the movie Mystery Men on in the background. I love this movie, but it’s not managing to cheer me up. Oh screw it, I’m getting the wine. Be right back.

I’ve actively sought out quirky, funny sorts of posts from Fictionaut because that’s what I need right now. And I hope they’ll provide a bit of an escape for both of us.

Sapiosexual by Diana Kerik

I love how Kerik has picked an enticing word and run with it, giving us a story. I could read a bunch of these at once, someone ought to write a collection of flash pieces based on provocative words. And since I’m a big time sapiosexual, and potentially also a sapiosexual by proxy at the same time, oh whatever.  It’s fun, read it.

RAINMAKER! by Adam Sifre

Sifre’s piece is similar to Sapiosexual in that he pondered a word, “rainmaker” and a story sprang forth. It can also go in the collection of one-word-spawned flash stories. And it’s quirky, and sad. I like that.

Truth by Steven Gowin

When I was choosing these, I didn’t notice how most of them could fit in to WORD: A collection of flash pieces, each inspired by a single word. (You like that name for the collection, WORD? I’m not sure.) Gowin’s clever piece might be a poem, I’m not sure. It’s not exactly a story, or is it? Anyway, I hope it’s a lie.

Question by David James

Sad, and yet strangely funny, at least to me. And I want to know more about the woman, and the man, and what’s behind her being able to ask such a question at such a time. I mean wow. (This wine is really nice, too. I’m feeling better.)

Be Careful What You Wish For by Jerry Ratch

I like this piece because I am a techie geeky sort of person. And  if I had a 3-D printer, you better believe I’d print a dog, because I love dogs. (I’m not a big fan of the title, but maybe if he renamed it Bitch it could go in WORD.)


Lynn Beighley is the author of dozens of tech books and even more articles. She’s gotten lots of her short stories publishes in lots of places. She’s currently working on a YA novel that she hopes will encourage teens to try a bit of computer programming. She got an MFA a few years back. She’s on twitter as @lynnbeighley and her Amazon author page is here.

  1. Steven Gowin

    Thanks for the inclusion here. I’m leaving a note though because I’m so happy to see David James’ piece here. He’s been doing some very cool stuff with very very short work.

  2. Sam Rasnake

    A pleasure to read these selections, Lynn.

  3. David James

    Thanks for including my story, Lynn. Your selection of the other stories is excellent. Steven. you are kind. Thanks.

  4. Gary Hardaway

    Great selections and perfectly Lynn Beighley commentary.

  5. Michelle Elvy

    Great selections, Lynn. So glad you pointed me in these varied directions!

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