Front Page: July

Alice Boatwright’s book Collateral Damage will be published by Standing Stone Books, and she has recent work in Amarillo Bay and Marco Polo Arts Mag. MaryAnne Kolton’s story “Beth” is in the latest Inwood Indiana. Jane Hammons’ story “Oryx Love” is in the summer issue of Wilderness House Literary Review. Linda Simoni-Wastila’s story “The Way It Is” is published in Scissors and Spackle, edited by Joani Reese; and her story “The Abridged Biography of an American Sniper” is a flash-fiction finalist for Press 53 Open Awards. Gloria Mindock’s poem “Sorrowful Air” appears in Ibbeston; her poem “Forever” has been published in Bagel Bards Anthology; and her flash fiction “Lonely” is forthcoming in Thrice. Andrew Stancek’s story “Elephants and Banana Leaves” appears in r.k.v.r.y., illustrated by Vax Liu. Marcus Speh’s story “The Preparation” was shortlisted for The Reader Berlin’s 2012 Short Story Competition. Larissa Shmailo’s “The Girl @theparisreview Says Uncool” is in the summer edition of Gargoyle; three of Larissa’s not-poems, “Fish,” “Date,” and “Phase Change,” are published at Unlikely Stories. Cheryl Anne Gardner’sBlowout” appears at Literary Orphans, and “Hula-hoops,” “Boys,” and “Bottle Rockets,” is published at Salt. Meg Pokrass’I Married This” is published in The Literarian.


  1. Ann Bogle

    Exciting news for the writers and for the readers as well. Special congratulations to Linda Simoni-Wastila for being a flash fiction finalist in Press 53’s Open Awards and thanks to Larissa Shmailo for letting us read that great poem, “The Girl @theparisreview Says Uncool,” here. The Literarian has caught my interest with Meg’s “I Married This.” Congratulations to all July Front Page writers.

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