Nicolle Elizabeth interviews herself.

Q: Nicolle, you are a truly despicable woman why are you interviewing yourself?

A: Despicable but a marketing genius, Nicolle. I am interviewing myself to discuss some group things, such as groups in general and some groups in specific.

Q: You’re annoying me, elaborate.

A: While many of the groups are thriving, I figured I’d re-go over the groups concept for new members before the new year. The groups are pods within the pods. Many writers who are fans of or subscribers to specific journals or have published in specific journals have joined that journal’s group for example etc. Many groups also serve as their own writing projects with specific prompts and rules etc. The groups take the larger community and provide an area to hang out in which may be a tad bit less expansive. Some people have messaged to tell me they hate the groups. I personally hate eating dairy. Speaking of specific prompts and writing projects I have started a group for the 12 am writing project journal. This is an annual journal which is very experienced and seasoned because I started it last year. The concept it two-fold. It’s a published DIY/punk black and white ‘zine in the original tradition, and it’s also an experiment in collective thought to see if writers write to the same place or away from the same place when including a prompt. I have a grant for publishing costs so I’m taking as many excellent submissions as possible. Contributors also get a re-printing of last year’s ‘zine which was awesome and available at many bookstores domestically.

Also the groups are totally used for workshopping which rules. They become threads within the threads where people can work, offer advice, read, it’s casual yet actually pretty serious in its own way. We’re like, a free workshop or something, but cooler because like, internet camaraderie. People take the advice they are giving and give very seriously, and it is a beautiful thing to see. Less use of the word like: You (theoretically) post a story to a group, as you would post to the main story page (theoretically), and people can comment on the story, as on the main story page, but in the group setting. In the group setting there is a level of intimacy which can foster a direct attention to the work and a place for specific workshopping. Additionally, there are settings which actually offer the option to make the groups private for people who want to offer specifically targeted subject matter. We have an all women’s group going, for example. SOLIDARITY TO MY SISTERS. No offense, fellas. No seriously no offense, I love men. Attn: Men I am single. The idea here is look around, and join groups which you feel best suit you, represent you, interest you, intrigue you. How you interact on Fictionaut and in the world, for that matter, is entirely your call, we just offer you a place to talk about writing.

Q: Despicable. You suck so bad.

A: I could also tell you about Fictionaut Group Metazen for Metazen literary journal, which every year including this year does an e-book on Christmas fundraiser, and that all of the proceeds go to an orphanage in Cambodia?

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  1. nicolle elizabeth

    Nicolle this really is your most despicable interview yet!
    We have found a new low, Nicolle. Happy Holidays everybody. Go Fictionaut!

  2. Matt Potter

    Ok, so I was laughing by the time I got to the second question, and that’s where I have left it so far … I am fearful of the rest! And then I see you are the only one thus far to have written a reply. Which made me laugh again. Thanks again!

  3. nicolle elizabeth

    Always, Matt Potter. Thanks for laughing with. Merry Christmas to you in Australia!

  4. Marcus Speh

    you’re single? awesome. i always love the idea of interviewing yourself but it took an evil marketing genius such as yourself, nicolle, to pull it off. i also like the plug for the metazen ebook, which coincidentally is at and comes in more publishing formats than the rainbow has got colors…happy holidays and thanks for so many great interviews this year, nicolle!

  5. susan tepper

    One of the most humble interviews yet on the planet (fictionaut). Happy New Year Nicolle!

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