We have some “festive” groups going on. I see this as “dope.” Firstly, it means people within the community are taking Fictionaut and making it their own. Relating their craft to their “irl” (“in real life”) worlds in addition for making Fictionaut a part of their everyday. Keep at it, you lovely nubiles. This is a community, a family interwoven through our craft, our love of the word, our camaraderie, our mutual respect, and our pom-poms to cheer each other on. Spring allergies driving you nuts? Power through, we’re writers.¬†We’re rocking.
Q (Nicolle Elizabeth): Kevin, I see you’re doing an April Fools Day Challenge? What’s the deal, man, the dilly, the premise, the haps. What is the haps, Kevin?

Kevin Myrick: The haps? OK, here’s the down low: I started the April Fool’s Day Challenge group after I was inspired by Susan Tepper’s awesome effort of running the Valentine’s Day Massacre challenge.

Susan commented after the challenge ended that there should be someone in this great Fictionaut community of ours to step up and run the St. Patrick’s Day challenge (The Paddy Whacker was and still remains an excellent name, Finnegan.) I’m about as Irish as Lucky Charms, so being a moderator for that holiday was right out. I am sometimes funny. So thus, I thought April Fool’s Day would be a good challenge for me to take up and run.

I don’t really know what I’m doing as far as being a “moderator” and I’m not sure that there are any real “requirements” for this whole thing, but I have ideas of what I hope will happen.

Anything else you want to tell me here. Write until your eyes sore, your hands twist, until you feel as though our time together has been a moment in confession.

I think I covered it all. I have an idea of what I’d like to do for an e-book after the contest is over, but that is going to be a conversation a little further down the line.

As for those ten members of the group, thank you for joining early. For everyone else, I’m looking at YOU. Bring on the funny, the tragic, the violent and even the tawdry. I’m hopeful for good reading and participation in the contest.

Also, and this is my last point about the “rules” for the contest: April Fool’s Day means that all rules and bets are off. Isn’t that the point of the day to begin with?

Lastly, a moment of huckster self-promotion: go visit my site at www.kevinmyrick.com. I’ll be writing blog posts about my favorite stories during the contest on April 1, and I will hate for anyone to miss out on my reviews.

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  1. finnegan flawnt

    makes me want to join the challenge – good interview, both of ya. “all bets and rules are off” is just too strong an enticement. finally…nothing shall hold me back. bring on the bunny. looking forward to it kevin!

  1. 1 Tip of the Hat to Nicolle Elizabeth

    […] I’ve been getting pretty involved in the community at Fictionaut of late, and one of those things is making sure there is an awesome contest for April Fool’s Day. Nicolle Elizabeth decided to interview me about the contest, which can be found here. […]

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