bestamericanVictoria Lancelotta‘s story “The Anniversary Trip,” which originally appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of the Gettysburg Review, will be included in Best American Short Stories 2009, edited by Alice Sebold.

Steve Silberman in the Shambhala Sun: “Keith and I weren’t planning on starting a gay marriage revolution, outraging the religious right, or even committing a noble act of civil disobedience. We just loved each other a lot.”

“Daring and often exquisitely tender:” Robin Romm in the New York Times Book Review on Kevin Wilson‘s debut story collection Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, now available from HarperPerennial.

Interview talks to Richard Nash about leaving Soft Skull Books: “I felt like I could more usefully participate in the future of publishing outside than inside.”

laminationcolonyJosh Maday, Joseph Young, Kim Chinquee, Cooper Renner, Adam Robinson, Lauren Becker, J. A. Tyler, and Shane Jones are some of the names hiding behind the colored boxes of Lamination Colony‘s spring issue, guest edited by Michael Kimball.

The new mudluscious includes work by Molly Gaundry, Jennifer Pieroni, Ravi Mangla, Sean Lovelace, David Erlewine, Barry Graham, Lydia Copeland, and J. A. Tyler.

More Publications:

fieldguideThe Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, “an exhaustive, thoughtful, idea-producing guide to one of the lesser-known forms of literary expression” (Anne Bernays), includes essays by Rusty Barnes, Randall Brown, Kim Chinquee, Pia Z. Ehrhardt, Michael Martone, and Jennifer Pieroni.

At Barnes & Noble Review, Carolyn Kellogg reviews Antonya Nelson’s Nothing Right: “Nelson’s stories dwell in the spaces that fiction typically skips over.” Carolyn will moderate two panels at the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books.

Michael Kimball interviews Shaindel Beers about her debut poetry collection A Brief History of Time: “I guess I’m a big believer in the notion that ‘you can’t go home again.’”

Lungfull, featuring Nick Antosca, is celebrating the release of the latest issue at Zinc Bar in New York on April 18.

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