Daniel Nester surveys literary journals, including Caketrain, The Lumberyard, Atlas, Bateau, and Chautauqua, for Library Journal.

Janice Erlbaum‘s essay “Girl Meets Toy” was voted one of Nerve.com’s ten best of 2008, and she just joined the board of Girls Write Now, the New York creative writing and mentoring organization that is having its annual winter reading this Saturday, January 17.

The new issue of elimae features stories by Tsipi Keller, Meg Pokrass, Colin Bassett, and David Erlewine. David and Meg also have stories in of Press 1, and Meg offers a writing prompt in SmokeLong Quarterly.

Kathy Fish, Molly Gaudry, Kim Chinquee, Randall Brown, Mary Miller, and Rachel Yoder all have work in the new issue of Quick Fiction (pictured: cover art by Andrew Kehoe.) Kim also has four short shorts in Guernica.

The inaugural issue of Pear Noir! is available for pre-order, with stories by William Walsh and Tao Lin.

Carolyn Kellogg is the “MFA in Creative Writing chick” in the February issue of Marie Claire.

Donna George Storey will be reading from the anthology X: The Erotic Treasury in Oakland and San Francisco on January 22 and 29, along with Greta Christina, Pam Ward, Susie Hara, Susie Bright, and Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Here’s one video that YouTube hasn’t taken down yet: the digital marketing team at Macmillan, including Ami Greko and Ryan Chapman, explain how a book travels from the author to the reader: “Second Life and World of Warcraft avatars constitute 90% of our reach.” Enjoy.

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  1. Meg Pokrass

    Thanks a million for mentioning my stories in elimae and Press 1 as well as prompts at SmokeLong!

  2. Jurgen

    I wanted to mention your epic Facebook wedding, too, but I didn’t know if it was appropriate!

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