Noria JablonskiNoria Jablonski, author of  Human Oddities and recently included in Owen King and John McNally’s superhero anthology Who Can Save Us Now?, has posted stories about busloads of kidnapped children, bad perms, and sideshow mummies on Fictionaut. What does she like to read on the site?

“I’d like to recommend the weird, witchy ‘Animals, Animals, Animals‘ by Jessica Breheny,” writes Noria. “Cats speak prophecy, abandoned stuffed animals are rescued, birds lurk. Eventually the FBI gets involved. I’ve read this one a few times, and every time the language knocks my socks off all over again.”

Jessica is the fiction editor of Ping Pong, the Literary Arts Journal of the Henry Miller Library, and the author of a collection of short stories and a young adult novel. “Animals, Animals, Animals”  originally appeared in Storyglossia.

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