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We’re pleased to announce that we just pulled the lever that relaunched the Fictionaut Forums — a place to chat about the site and the great wide world of writing in general. We’d love for you to stop by the help, ideas, and metafiction forums and leave comments, questions, suggestions, and get up in our faces about the things that don’t (yet) work the way they’re supposed to. We know for a fact you guys aren’t shy.

No one should be surprised that a diverse crowd of web-savvy writers would enjoy blogging. And yet: the percentage of Fictionaut members who also run a weblog is truly outrageous.

We thought it might be fun to collect all of our members’ latest posts on a single page — kind of like Elvis’s Graceland basement, but with blogs for TVs and minus the porcelain monkey. Just kick back and watch the posts roll by.

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Now Even Bloggier!

We’ve expanded the Fictionaut blog and added a few bells & whistles: you can now follow Fictionaut news via RSS feed, and you can leave comments. Also, the blog is now publicly visible — you don’t have to be logged in to see it, so tell all your friends to stop by!

We’ve been told to be less shy about tootin’ our own horn, so here goes: Fictionaut made the L.A. Times. Jacket Copy lead blogger Carolyn Kellogg writes: “With its clean design and integration of social networking and magazine-style content, Fictionaut might just take off.” We like to think it’s well on its way. Thanks, Carolyn!

Thanks to your posts, comments, and enthusiasm, Fictionaut is growing into a place we’re getting more excited about every day. If you feel the same way — or you happen to have Thomas Pynchon’s email address — you can use the invite tool to ask your friends to join. We’ve added invitations to every user […]

We’ve redesigned the front page to display a better mix of the latest stories and community favorites. The main section of the page is still dedicated to the newest stories, but we’ve added a new spot up top that shows the most interesting stories, as determined by a combination of favorites, comments, and views. The […]

Finally, you can take Fictionaut into the bathtub: we’ve added an option that lets you easily download and print any story as PDF file. To access the print view, simply click “download as PDF” on the story page’s sidebar. As always, please let us know in the help forum if you have suggestions or experience […]

Bag It, Tag It

Grappa and beans, love and marriage, Van Halen,┬ábad perms, hurricanes, and pregnant sex — already, there’s an amazing range of stories, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, novel excerpts, humor, and poetry on Fictionaut. One way to keep track of it all are tags. The most popular tags are listed on the front page, and we’ll soon […]

We’re thrilled to announce that Alex Glass, literary agent with the Trident Media Group in New York, has joined the illustrious Fictionaut Board of Advisors. With Alex’s sharp eye for talent, experience in the industry, and outstanding track record, the Board now boasts a potent mix of writers, agents, teachers, editors, bloggers, publicists, and critics […]


To give us a place to talk about the site, we have added a help forum to Fictionaut. Please stop by if you have questions, technical difficulties, or ideas for additional features. You can always reach the forum from the question mark on top or the link in the footer.


Fictionaut brings the social web to literary fiction, connecting readers and writers through a community network that doubles as self­selecting magazine highlighting the most exciting short stories, poetry, flash fiction, and novel excerpts.

Fictionaut is in the invite-only phase. Request an invite to join or log in if you have an account.

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