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The poem is set in a real place, on the beach outside a house owned by my nephew in Mexico. A whale washed up there some years before, and by the time I visited, it was simply great ivory rib bones rising from the sand. My children would play inside them, embraced by the skeletal remains.

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Anything that happens to me in this life happens in a story for someone else.

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I just recently earmarked a quote from Montgomery Clift: “If you look really close at things, you’ll forget you’re going to die.”

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I wrote the poem a long, long time ago in 1977 when I was 26. I remember the image just coming to me at the time. In fact, that whole stanza just came to me in a rush.

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I’m just a storyteller. There are half a dozen people who live within ten miles of me who can sit in front of a gas station and spin a better story while eating a bag of chips than I can during a three hour session at the computer.

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This kind of guy is insecure, always tucks his shirt in and wears his pants on the high-side. He parts his hair to the right and has had the same haircut since he was five, although the bald spot growing in the middle of his head disturbs him deeply. He likes to experiment with moustaches.

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With flash I think you have to jump right in – BANG! – yet still retain some mystery so it propels the reader through your story.

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I wanted to write something that met some of the requirements of the suspense genre. And that is to hook the reader quickly, hold tight, and set the plot in motion.

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In this story, I wanted that ambivalence, the unanswerable question of gender to be as haunting as the story itself.

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Life is full of real anxiety, and some people, additionally, have a brain hard-wired with neurobiological anxiety. For those people, the ones wired for anxiety, the world is twice as hard I believe. I may be one of those people.

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