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Susan Tepper: You break up your stunning prose poem “Last Night On Oil Street“ into 3 distinctly separate yet linked stanzas: The Commune, The Ghosts, The Trees. In The Commune you write: Spray paint ecru to heat searing through my fingers I’m leaving this block of farce we’ve inhabited and lost: the rights to sleep facedown on […]

Doreen and I were eventually married in June of 1965 and we’ve been married ever since. She died at home of cancer last May. This is part of a series of stories based on the facts of our life together which are still in progress.

   Editor’s Eye: Meg Pokrass

I’ve loved movies all my life watching them on a black and white TV from the time I was very young. Philadelphia Story, It Happened One Night, Casablanca, Rebecca, these were the kinds of things I wanted to write. So I learned how to write from learning how to write scripts.

   Front Page: January
   Fictionaut Five: Brad Listi
   Introducing Editor’s Eye

The story is an excerpt of a larger work that’s struggling in the no man’s land between novella and novel at present, and the emotional hunger that Alan feels is played out more in that work of course.

   Fictionaut Five: Andrew Roe
   Checking in with Thrice Fiction
   Front Page: December

Not too long ago, my aunt walked into my house, wearing my mother’s old wig. She was proud to show me. My mother followed behind, smiling. It was one of those moments I’ll never forget. I felt overwhelmingly connected to that wig right then.

   Fictionaut Five: Marty Castleberg

Mirko is a young man filled with contradictions. He also frequently surprises his creator. In that opening scene he’s ill at ease. He’s throbbing with unpredictability.

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   Fictionaut Five: Neal Pollack

I have a bundle of written-on receipts and post-it notes in my pockets at any one time, covered in crayoned titles, snippets of description, and first lines that *might* go somewhere when I’m not running about with my 4 year old.

   Fictionaut Five: Ayelet Waldman
   Line Breaks: “Alteration” by Steve Almond
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The micro “Three-handed Bridge” is adapted loosely from an unpublished novel of the same title.

   Fictionaut Five: Mark Wisniewski
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   Front Page: October

The woman is at a crossroads. The person she wanted to seduce left with someone else. The party is a disappointment, a burden, and an obligation. I think of it as a fairytale – the two staircases are paths in her journey.

   Fictionaut Five: Ben Loory

It seems to me that story telling is a lost art. When I was a kid, I loved to be a mouse in the corner when my parents had friends over. They told stories. It was great fun. Now at a get together, it’s mostly chit-chat and gossip. I’m bored to tears.

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   Fictionaut Five: John Minichillo


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