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Luna Digest, 9/15

Descant offers a preview of their newest issue “Immanence/Transcendence.” Poetry offers up their entire September 2009 issue, with writing by, among others, Reading Comics author Douglas Wolk. And Brevity‘s Fall 2009 issue includes a—well, depressing, but insightful short piece from Sherman Alexie, “Somebody Else’s Genocide.” Keep reading Luna Digest.

Luna Digest, 9/8

A message from Guernica: A Magazine of Art & Politics: “Four years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Author Pia Ehrhardt, a resident before and after the destruction, guest edits this issue.” Keep reading…

Luna Digest, 9/1

School is back in session for most and so too then are university sponsored literary magazines. Which now we are. Luna Park will be relaunching at its new home at the York College of Pennsylvania campus. Keep checking back. And, as usual, more lit mag news… Keep reading Luna Digest

Luna Digest, 8/18

mole-smMore than you knew before about German literary mags. Bookfox blogs about the Goethe Institut’s coverage of the literary journal/short story scene in Germany: “Like moles, literary magazines burrow through the subsoil and often bring literary treasures to light. They live on self-exploitation, are sometimes short-lived and bizarre, and publish against the mainstream.” The title of this article? “Moles in the Subsoil of the Book Market: German Literary Magazines,” of course.

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Luna Digest, 7/28

meno_cover-213x300.jpg We missed mentioning this last week (even after we were so nicely asked to do so): Hannah Tinti, one of the founding editors of One Story, recently won the PEN/Nora Magid Award for her work on the magazine.

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Luna Digest, 7/21

Asia Literary Review recently launched its new website.

Shya Scanlon is publishing his latest novel, Forecast, in installments on a series of literary websites.

Southampton Review honors the recently deceased Frank McCourt in their newest issue, available July 15.

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Luna Digest, 7/14

Luna Park is a review of the world of literary magazines, founded on the idea that journals are as deserving of critical attention as other artistic works. Every Tuesday, Luna Park editor Travis Kurowski will present selected news on the Fictionaut blog. Welcome to Luna Digest.

Literary magazine publishing has always been a risky endeavor, forever skirting the edge of the market. Foundational magazines, such as the Pre-Raphaelite The Germ and high modernists like The Little Review and transition, suffered tumultuous and typically short lives, constantly searching for funding to keep their publications (and, so, their writers) in print.

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