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The best reward from the exercise of reading everything has been that discovery, that there’s a lot of good stuff here that can be found under any number of signatures, and that it’s well worth looking under those unfamiliar names, from a Fictionaut reader’s viewpoint, the unworked ground where gems can frequently be found.

I made no effort to vary things in any way. I chose the stories and poems and essays (yes, there’s all three in this list) based solely on my own tastes.

New people and old friends here at Fictionaut. Hard to narrow it down to just a few and yet there were certain works that just got me, just reached out and pulled me into a different world. After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Oh screw it, I’m getting the wine. Be right back.

I know exactly what I do and do not like and I can tell you why in excruciating detail.

When I first joined Fictionaut, I was beginning to find out who I am as a writer and what I want to accomplish with my work. From my initial posts—poems on classical music and, oddly enough, eating disorders, to some of my later fiction—I notice a kind of confidence that I don’t think I would’ve […]

When it comes to giving other people compliments I’m kind of a dick.

I look to Fictionaut for exceptional writing and each time I open the site some is here, waiting for me.

I adore pigs and the idea of packs of pigs and packs of poets running around Prague and its environs made me laugh.

I felt an obligation to “give back” to an institution that has been a source of delight, challenge, and encouragement in the two years since I joined. I hope my small contribution helps Fictionaut continue to flourish.


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