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We pulled into a gravel parking lot and as I got out of the car the first thing I noticed was a wooden sign for sale: ATTICUS BOOKS.

   Fictionaut Five: Jane Bradley
   Monday Chat with Robert Vaughan
   Line Breaks: “White Bread” by Jessica Anya Blau

See, we remember standing on a field of dead grass, in the scorching Texas sun, at recess, waiting to be chosen for a volleyball team. We were always the last ones chosen. Always. Except once, but that was because Tina had her arm in a cast. We swore that we’d never judge, we’d never compare. We welcome nerds, dorks, goblins, and even jocks. Yes, even them.

   Fictionaut Five: Alan Heathcock
   Monday Chat with Meg Pokrass
   Checking In With New Sun Rising

New Sun Rising does have a purpose! It is for the charity anthology, New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan. It’s a book we’re putting together to raise money for the Red Cross to aid Japan after their recent series of disasters.

   Fictionaut Five: Sarah Salway
   Checking In With The Fictionaughties
   Line Breaks: “Diversion” by Meg Wolitzer

What makes us so naughty? Well, aside from the rag-tag group of miscreants we are, we aren’t your “average” writers, per se. We are eclectic, diverse, sassy, and some of us have been known to throw in some toilet humor into the mix. I’m not naming names.

   Line Breaks: “Diversion” by Meg Wolitzer
   Fictionaut Five: David Abrams
   Monday Chat with Sam Rasnake

TrainWrite started about a year ago, after I completed my M.F.A. and found myself a drifter. At the time, I was subletting a room in an artist’s loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn, so most of my inspiration came from riding the L into the city for a fruitless job hunt.

   Fictionaut Five: Beverly Akerman

Our biggest focus right now is bringing back the long story. We think that with our print issue, and the growing ebook market, that the market for the novella, the novelette, the long-form story is going to make a comeback. We’ve grown tired of the pretty, peppy little web-flash things, whatever you want to call them. We like stuff that reads like a meal.

   Fictionaut Five: James Lloyd Davis
   Monday Chat with Michelle Elvy

I resent cliques and closed spaces and once I realised how much energy and creativity resides on tumblr, where people are continuously blogging and reblogging, attaching and sharing, I figured that it would be great to bring some of that talent together on an attractive site. This gamble is beginning to pay off – the ‘scene’ is shaken and stirred a little.

   Fictionaut Five: Susan Henderson
   Fictionaut Five: Dorianne Laux
   Fictionaut Five: Ramon Collins
   Monday Chat with Doug Bond

The first Valentine Day Massacre is now available as a beautiful chapbook from Červená Barva Press. Even better, there’s a new massacre underway now in the Valentine Day group.

   Fictionaut Five: Erika Dreifus
   Monday Chat with Linda Simoni-Wastila
   Introducing Fictionaut Selects
   Checking In With Dark Chaos
   Line Breaks: “The Right Thing” by Robert Boswell

The basic premise/thrust of Dark Chaos is to feature writers and artists who aren’t afraid to cross a few boundary lines and potentially end up as an overall disturbance to those who read and view their work.

   Line Breaks: “The Right Thing” by Robert Boswell
   Fictionaut Five: Tom Franklin
   Monday Chat with James Lloyd Davis

“Gothic” to us means “real” — we want real life, good, bad, or ugly — so, again, we can catalog this often-overlooked region chalked full of unique mythologies and stories. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Roz Chast
   Luna Digest, 1/18
   Fictionaut Five: Jessica Anya Blau


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