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I am attired in north country formal for this interview: black breechcloth as opposed to the everyday penile sheath and ray bans.

   Fictionaut Five: Tara Masih
   Checking in with Flash Party

I loved the idea of everyone getting to see the slush pile. I’d never seen that happen before and I think it can be so instructive to writers. Also, I liked that if people read the Come To The Party section, they could latch on to a favorite writer and follow their pieces their favs each month, which is what I did, too. And as far as the Come To The Party section goes, I’ve published every single piece I’ve ever been sent. No rejection. And that was exciting.

   Fictionaut Five: Antonya Nelson
   Front Page: July

Fictionaut has many talented writers whose work is being published in numerous magazines and literary journals in print and on the web, and people were proudly and rightly announcing their publications on the forums page. I personally couldn’t keep up with all the postings and thought maybe a group could serve as a central location for all the announcements during a particular year. Over 80 people joined the 2011 publications group and began either linking to their work on Fictionaut or providing links to the original publications. This is an open group so everyone should feel free to join and to announce and post their publications.

   Monday Chat with Bill Yarrow
   Fictionaut Five: Dan Chaon

Seriously? Never back to Paris again? When I was first going to Paris regularly I might have said that were that the case, I would take a swan dive off the viewing deck of La Samaritaine and be done with it. Such a spectacular view hovering just above the center of the city. It would be quite the last sight to see.

   Fictionaut Five: Kate Christensen
   Monday Chat with Meg Tuite

We survived by hustling and devoted ourselves to creating a literary community for people outside of the academy.

   Fictionaut Five: Terri Kirby Erickson
   Luna Digest, 7/5

We believe that the relevant power of social networking is its rhythm of descriptions and accounts which form the basis of storytelling. We want to be part of those cadences, inclusive of technology. The appetite for narrative is pervasive.

   Fictionaut Five: Rusty Barnes
   Monday Chat with Meg Tuite
   Checking in with Couples

I think every relationship dynamic is to some extent strange and that is why they’re so much fun to write about.

   Fictionaut Five: Roddy Doyle

Writing is like surgery, but it takes more than the knife to heal.

   Fictionaut Five: George Singleton

We couldn’t be the first who got a kick out of writing sadistic horror stories. What turns us on to the really dark stuff?

   Fictionaut Five: Giancarlo DiTrapano
   Fictionaut Front Page
   Monday Chat with Jane Hammons

The work of a dirty theologian isn’t found in the Inspiration Section, but in jars hidden in caves, between mattresses, and in the locked drawers of the clergy.

   Fictionaut Five: Roy Kesey
   Checking in with Atticus Books


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