Front Page: June

Morgan Harlow’s debut poetry collection Midwest Ritual Burning is available at Eyewear Publishing and Amazon UK. Andy Roe’sJob History“ has been selected in Wigleaf’s Top 50. David Ackley’s three-act play, “Tiger’s Milk,” which appeared here under “In the Jaws of Kronos,” is forthcoming in Prick of the Spindle. Michael Dickes’ “Goodnight,” “Like Dancing Alone,” “Naoki Kyoto,” “Upon Talking to Oneself (#3) Zazen,” and “What I Mean When I Say I Don’t Know” are forthcoming in Thumbnail Magazine. Marcus Speh’sSpeaking of Women” appears in Zouch; “A Young Writer’s Prayer for His Daddy” in Sadcore Dadwave; “Ginger,” “Listen,” and “The Passage,” in Mad Hatters Review Issue 13; “The Serious Writer in Texas” in Tuck Magazine; and an interview on Flash, German, and English writing at Flash Frontier. Gill Hoffs’Hand to Mouth” appears in Literary Orphans, along with many other Fictionauters; she has been appointed co-editor of Spilling Ink Review; “ Tansy Rogers is her name!”  appears in Notausgang, Pure Slush’s Emergency Exit anthology; and her book “Wild: a collection” is forthcoming from Pure Slush. Chris Galvin’s flash memoir piece, “Fire,” appears in The Winnipeg Review. My story, “Christina Heppel,” which appeared in PANK (with audio by Marcus Speh), has been included in Wigleaf’s Top 50 Longlist. JP Reese’s “Touch, 1968” appears in Big River Poetry Review; “On The Third Day” is forthcoming in Gutter Eloquence; “The Human Condition” and “The Rest” are republished at The Glass Coin; and “Ophelia” is republished at The Reprint. James Claffey’sUpturned Sky Audio” is at Carte Blance; “Old Man’s Trouble and Waiting” is at Literary Orphans; “Treachery” is forthcoming at Extract(s); “Hunting for Lizards” is at Apocrypha & Abstractions; “Sheep’s Skull” is at Wordlegs; “Under the Table” is at RedFez; and “Confession Box” is at L’Allure des Mots. Susan Tepper’s “Through the Tunnel” is published in The Same. Matthew A. Hamilton is interviewed by Christopher Allen at I Must Be Off! Julie Innis’s short story collection, Three Squares A Day With Occasional Torture, has been published by Foxhead Books, and is available at Amazon, B&N, and Foxhead. I’m also very excited to announce Fictionaut’s Summer-Bash Party, which will be held at KGB Bar, NYC on Saturday, June 23rd at 7pm.

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  1. Christopher

    So much happening this month! Can’t wait to see everyone in NYC on June 23.

  2. Matt Dennison

    How exciting about Julie’s book!

    (she always *was* a smart girl…)

  3. Julie

    Thanks Marcelle – kudos to all, honored to be included. And thanks, Matt – yes, my sharpest days are behind me, I fear.

  4. Matt Humperdinckle


    IS a smart girl!


  5. Matt Dennison


    IS a smart girl!

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