Front Page: May

Greetings Fictionauters. Ann Bogle has 12 stories and five book reviews at Ragazine, Thrice Fiction, Altered Scale, Asymptote, Intellectual Refuge, THIS Literary Magazine, American Book Review, Rain Taxi; she has interviews with Jeff Davis at Asheville FM and Bill Yarrow here; and six stories and one poem are forthcoming in 2012. Michael Dickes has work published or forthcoming in Bedford Stuyvesant, Lish, Yard Sailing, Evalyn, Oteu, Butter Beans, Awul Long Time, Culled Fruit, Pure Slush, Southpaw, Kerouac’s Dog, Tree Killer Ink, Apocrypha and Abstractions, Thunderclap Press, Blue Fifth Review, and Negative Suck. Susan Tepper interviews Indian Filmmaker Ramesh Avadhani at The Nervous Breakdown. Marcus Speh’sFive Nightmares” is at The Rusty Nail; “Spring Things to Do” is published in Yareah Magazine; and an excerpt from “Secret Brush Strokes” is at 7 X 20. Jane Hammons’Headstone (for Aaron 1954-1984)” is in Metazen, and she has another “Headstone” forthcoming. Bill Yarrow’s Pointed Sentences is reviewed by David Ackley at THIS; and he has an interview with Derek Alger in Pif Magazine. Bill’s poems are featured in Pure Slush, Thunderclap Press, and rIgor mor.US. David Ackley will have three poems, which originally appeared here, in The Camroc Press Review on May 23rd. James Claffey’s “Sepsis” is at Molotov Cocktail; his audio story “Easter Sunday” is at Gone Lawn 7; “Odd-sized Legs,” “Tree-killer, and “Eaten Alive” are published at The Bicycle Review and he is a part of Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet story “Supernatural Tyranny of Artistic Subterfuge” at Used Furniture Review; and his poem “Brooklyn, NY” is at Thunderclap Press. Robert Vaughan’s anthology Flash Fiction Fridays is available at Amazon; he read “The Upswing of Falling” (published at Metazen) and Kristine Ong Muslim’s “Revenge of the Goldfish” at WUVM Lake Effect for its Disorientation theme; “Going to Reseda on the 405” is at Elimae; “Moonstruck” is at Bong is Bard; “You’re All” is at Thunderclap!; and Robert’s poetry chapbook, Microstones, is forthcoming from Cervena Varva Press.  JP Reese’s “The Cost” won the Patricia McFarland Memorial prize at Flash Fiction Chronicles. Matthew A. Hamilton has a forthcoming chapbook. My story, “The Last Swim,” is published at Wigleaf. And, finally, I’m thrilled to announce that Jürgen Fauth’s novel Kino has been released. You can check out reviews, interviews, excerpts, and a trailer here.

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