Flashback!First things first: we’d like to wish all of you a happy, healthy, and creative 2012.¬†We’re excited to announce Editor’s Eye, a new blog series that aims to highlight noteworthy work that might have slipped through the cracks of Fictionaut’s automated list of recommended stories.

Here’s how it works: every two weeks, a distinguished visiting editor will scour the site for lost treasures and pick a handful of outstanding stories posted on their watch. The identity of the editor will only be announced at the end of the two-week period, along with their selections. Our first guest editor is digging through the site as we speak, so watch this space for her favorite overlooked stories!

(Photo by partymonstrrr)

  1. Pam Parker

    What a great idea — love it!!

  2. James

    a fine plan to unearth some gems!

  3. RW Spryszak

    It’s a good idea because sometimes there’s a flood of new material and before people know it things they’ve published are already far down the list. It just happens that way because of the nature of the site. This sounds like a good fix.

  4. Michael Smith

    I agree–great idea. Makes Fictionaut even more exciting and interesting for all!

  5. Meg Pokrass

    very excited about this!

  6. Linda S-W

    cool, what a slush pile to read from! peace…

  7. Christopher

    Fantastic idea!

  8. David James

    Can hardly wait. Some new and different texture to an already welcoming and interesting place to visit.

  9. Rene Foran

    Great idea!
    And a great way to discover new writers!

  10. r.g. anderson

    too bad Fictionaut is closed to new members 8 (

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