6x9_front_wildlife-198x300As the summer’s end approaches, leaving earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters behind, time will tell how literature will record their impact. In the meantime, let us look to the literature of the present. Susan Tepper’s poem “Daisy” appears in the Somerville News and her non-fiction piece “That Summer in Greece” at Pure Slush. Joani Reese’s poems “Abstinence” and “Play” are featured at Camroc Press Review and her piece “May You Live In Interesting Times” at Gloom Cupboard. Jane Hammons’ “What Ever Happened to Old Tom Joad” is forthcoming in Blink Ink’s The Noir Issue. Ann Bogle’s book, Country Without a Name, is available at Lulu. Kathy Fish’s collection, Wild Life, is available through Matter Press and Amazon. Robert Vaughn’s “Nowhere in Sight” and Andrew Stancek’s “Goat Fate” and “Flight” are at Pure Slush. Estelle Bruno’sImmobile Car Immobile Phone”  and Linda Simoni Wastila’sPoison Pill” are at Every Day Fiction. Myra King has a story forthcoming in Boston Literary Magazine.  My story “Christina Heppel” is at PANK, read by Marcus Speh.

Marcelle Heath is a contributing editor for Fictionaut and assistant editor for Luna Park Review. She blogs here. Send your news for the next installment of Front Page to marcelleheath@yahoo.com.

  1. Kathy Fish

    Thanks for this, Marcelle! I love your story “Christina Heppel” and will listen to Marcus read it. Congrats to everyone on their publications.

  2. Robert Vaughan

    Marcelle, thanks for the mention and also this great list of where to find our writers all over the web and in print! And a hearty congrats to all of the writers at Fictionaut who are creating successful strides in their writing, whatever that means individually to them.

  3. susan tepper

    Marcelle, this is really nice, to be able to read what everyone is up to, monthly. And Big Congrats on your own wonderful “Christina Heppel” read by the amazing Monsieur Speh~

  4. estelle bruno

    thank you Marcelle for mentioning my piece. This will be an interesting monthly read for everyone.

  5. LindaS-W

    Marcelle, thanks for this wonderful synopsis of what’s happening, and a special thanks for the mention! Congrats on Christine Heppel, I love that piece. Off to listen to Herr Speh do his stuff. Peace…

  6. Jp Reese

    Marcelle: Thank you for including me and my work with such talented folks and congratulations to everyone else who is fighting the good fight to share their fine work with the larger world…

  7. Ann Bogle

    Thanks, too, to Argotist Ebooks for publishing Country Without a Name. Congratulations to all on your fine work!

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