Front Page: July

stories_for_nighttime_coverFictionaut members’ mid-summer offerings include poetry, fiction, essays, and novel excerpts in print and around the web. Jane Hammons’Holy Tribunal” appears at Hippocampus Magazine. Kate Hill Cantrill’sThe Hills in Pittsburgh…” is at Everyday Genius. Blue Five Notebook and blip magazine continue to showcase new work by community members. The new issue of Mason’s Road is out. Pure Slush’s recent issues have been devoted to Susans – Susan Gibb and Susan Tepper – and Michaels – Michael J. Solender and Michael Webb. Kyle Minor’s novel excerpt, Sexual Lives of Missionaries, is up at Guernica Magazine. John Minichillo’s excerpt from The Snow Whale is at The Collagist, and the novel is now available from Atticus Books. Lauren Becker’sFive Ways” is at Small Doggies MagazineBen Loory‘s collection Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day is now out from Penguin. Gina Frangello’s novel A Life in Men will be published by Algonquin Books. Quid Novi Festival is hosting a writer’s contest. Michael Dickes‘ poem “Butter Beans” is included in Thunderclap and is short story “Yard Sailing” will appear in Kerouac’s Dog this Winter. Matthew A. Hamilton’s “November Moon” will appear in Black Lantern Publishing this August. Bill Lantry’s “Origins” has been short listed  and Gill Hoffs received an Honorable Mention for “Firework Sands” in the Spilling Ink Short Story Awards. Andrew Stancek’sThe Year of the Dog” is up at THIS Literary Magazine. Luna Park Review is looking for essays on Granta’s F Word. Contact me for more info.

Marcelle Heath is a contributing editor for Fictionaut and assistant editor for Luna Park Review. She blogs here. Send your news for the next installment of Front Page to

  1. Marcus Speh

    brilliant crowded place! i’m waiting for the paper copy of minichillo’s novel, of which i’ve read an excerpt, and i’ve just downloaded a sample of loory’s book on my kindle—enjoyed it very much. thanks for these summaries, marcelle – it is hard to keep track otherwise.

  2. susan tepper

    Wow! Nobody can accuse the Fictionauts of sitting still! This is a very happening crowd of writers!

  3. Gill Hoffs

    Most gratifying to see myself listed alongside such exciting writers – happy days! Well done, all – may the words flow and the publications continue!

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