Before we check in with JM Prescott, Fiction Writer and Fictionaut Member Cami Park passed away yesterday. She had been facing an illness for many years and was an inspiration as a writer but also as a person. Many writers who had the chance to work with or converse with Cami, myself included, sound in unison that she was a class act. A truly gifted writer known for encouraging, inspiring and appreciating others, she will be missed. Some of her work is archived here in her profile at Fictionaut and her personal blog here is yet another lasting testament to her positivity, charm and intuit: Modern short fiction was better with her in it. I was personally inspired by her. She will be missed. -Nicolle Elizabeth

czpbannerrannuQ (Nicolle Elizabeth): Jo what’s the deal with the speculative fiction group offering people money or something? Tell us everything here this is a one question interview. Thought it would be more avant-garde this week. Minimalism, etc. I mean you shouldn’t be minimalist, you should be multiplicitious (not a word) with the deets, but still. Also some info on you, big words lots of words so many words, bird. I mean if you don’t care about the concept we’re fine with that. You could also make up a question you would like to be asked that would be artsy too. Dare I say, speculative? ZING.

A (JM Prescott): Hahaha, Nicolle, très avant-garde. The Speculative Fiction group is to promote a great contest and the winners will definitely be getting money – $500. Also, two honourable Mentions in each category will win $50.

The CZP / Rannu Fund For Writers of Speculative Fiction is and international contest for all writers of science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, surrealism, and all things in between. The contest is running now through January 15, 2011 and a winner will be chosen for both fiction and poetry, as well as honorable mentions for each category. Anyone can submit and multiple submissions are welcome at a discount.

This contest began in 2008, so it’s relatively new and new writers have a real chance at the prize. The fund was started by CZP’s (ChiZine Publishing) Sandra Kasturi and Brett Alexander Savory, in honour of the 30th wedding anniversary of Sandra’s mother and step-father for their contributions to the arts and education both in Canada and Estonia.

The judges for poetry are last year’s winner Steve Vernon and honorable mention winner Colleen Anderson with poet and journalist Jacob Scheier whose poems have been published in literary journals across North America and in New York City, aired on CBC radio and have been used as inspiration for a choreographed dance performance at Toronto’s Enwave Theatre. The Fiction judges are last year’s winner Barbara Gordon and honorable mention winner Francine Lewis with author Peter Straub, his seventeen novels include Ghost Story, Koko, Mr. X, two collaborations with Stephen King, The Talisman and Black House, and his most recent, In the Night Room.

CZP publishes the weird stuff; the unsettling, fantastic and the disturbing. Stories with an otherworldly sense or ones that are bit too real. And stories that explore what it means to be human or what it means not to be. Their top priority is to publish well-written character-driven stories. The single most important quality we look for at CZP is resonance. It is said that if you like one CZP book, chances are, you’ll like them all.

If you submit to The CZP / Rannu Fund For Writers of Speculative Fiction contest you will be read by editors and writers who know what their talking about and your story could just be picked to win the $500 or even the $50. Send up to 5 poems, a short story or a novel excerpt in the body of an email to and submit your entry fee of only $10 ($15 for two entries) via PayPal. Find out more about how to enter at The CZP / Rannu Fund For Writers of Speculative Fiction website. Or contact me through The CZP / Rannu Fund For Writers of Speculative Fiction Fictionaut group and Facebook page if you have any questions. (I might even give you an inside edge.)

I recently joined the family at CZP and they have never found a warmer or more supportive group people; the writers and editors alike. And everyone connected with CZP is passionate about speculative fiction. No one is too important to help out in anyway they can to help, whether it’s raising money to fund contests like this or to help out at a book launch. CZP is a family and I’m glad to have been adopted into the very weird clan. The only down side is I can’t submit to The CZP / Rannu Fund For Writers of Speculative Fiction.

I am also editor-in-chief at The Glass Coin, an online zine of flash fiction, prose and poetry and am also a freelance writer. One of these years I’ll get up the nerve to submit my novel to CZP. I am so lucky to make my living working with words. Everyone told me when I was in school that I needed to get a real job – they might have been right but I didn’t listen.

Nicolle Elizabeth checks in with Fictionaut Groups every Friday.

  1. Salvatore Buttaci

    I enjoyed your interview with Jo Prescott very much. Let me say, any project that has Jo at the helm or helping lift the masts is in good hands and worthy of a writer’s submissions.

    Salvatore Buttaci, author of Flashing My Shorts

  2. Kathy Fish

    Good, interesting interview and beautiful what you said about Cami, Nicolle.

  3. susan tepper

    Nicole, put very sensitively about Cami. & great interview.

  4. Allie Dresser

    Informative interview. It’s great to see more attention on speculative writing, on oft-overlooked genre. I also very much like The Glass Coin.

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