Hi Meg Pokrass whom I would really like to call Me-Po but am unsure if that’s cool or not. We have so much to discuss, you are my sis in solidarity here at the Fictionaut weeklys additionally to in flash fiction writing reading and breathing thereof and I am stoked to be doing some info recon from your talented dome. Solid. (No idea, it sounded right, work with me).

Q: Let’s first talk about the Fictionaut group Original, Unpublished Flash. I think what you’ve been able to establish is an alternate slice of Fictionaut, in that, you categorized a home for works specifically “on the market.” Some of our writers come to workshop, some come to read, some come to SELL IT HONEY SELL IT, and if that’s a person’s mood, I am always pro get out there and go for it, people. If it’s good it’s good, if the piece will change someone’s mind, heart, language, if we can learn from one another, provide nourishment in our search for the word on our search within the search, you get the point, talk about the group. (Which I still think was bold and giving of you to begin so writers could have a place to unequivocally say, “Oh hey.”)

A: Yes, the group is just that – flash fiction that needs a magazine. Unpublished work from many wonderful writers. Editors are asked to contact the writer directly if they are interested… So far, no complaints on either side.

I’m a hybrid, Nicolle, both a writer and an editor. I think this group may potentially (and ideally) provide a wonderful alternative in some cases to the all too brutal submissions process! It is like a farmer’s market where editors can walk through and smell the fruit… or something. Let’s face it, were it to be successful, it may create a small power shift, giving equal power to the writer and submissions editors. It is still pretty new… and I have limited knowledge about what will result.

Plans: I would like to build editor’s awareness about this group. We are writer heavy. But it is a bit of a controversial approach, and the chicken in me shivers a bit…

So, have all of the stories been bought, led to triple book deals, won Pushcarts? (Say yes, I root for you people.)

Quite honestly, people don’t tell me. I think it feels very private. Sorry to answer this so blankly… I know in my case I have had two stories picked up from being in the group.

Me-Po, you are “doing yo thing.” Share with us what’s going on, a book, the Fictionaut blog, all kinds of active parts of the literary community are coming from you. It’s respectable, what is up?

My big new collection of flash fiction, 100 stories, called Damn Sure Right is coming out in Feb, 2011 from Press 53. I’ve published a chapbook with Bannock Street Books called Lost and Found with drawings by elimae‘s Cooper Renner – the chapbook is really pretty.. and contains eleven of my stories that ran in elimae over the last few years.

Jack Swenson and I have a new and very exciting collection coming out very shortly called Naughty Naughty. We’ve collected our raciest stories for this! Ahem.

And, yep, I am running Fictionaut Five Interview Series for Fictionaut… and every week I’m interviewing with incredible authors (mostly with new books out) and crafting a series of questions for them… this has been spectacular learning for me.

One thing J├╝rgen Fauth and I are talking about is initiating gatherings for Fictionaut members to meet in person in their respective cities. We can look at creating some event/reading/party twice a year or more often… wherever there’s a lot of Fictionauts — SF, Nashville, New Orleans, etc. Could be readings, could just be hanging out — but would be nice to actually meet people. I love that idea and hope to help make this happen.

Nicolle Elizabeth checks in with Fictionaut Groups every Friday.

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