Luna Digest, 3/9

finalproofmarksThis past winter holiday, I got Cami Park a subscription to The Lumberyard for HTMLGIANT’s second annual indie lit secret santa—and I recently stumbled upon her ecstatic write-up of the first issue she received, issue 5. I couldn’t agree more with Park. For example, I too can’t bring myself to open the fantastic CD packaging.

I wish more magazines would do this: A Public Space invites readers behind the curtain of their upcoming issue in order to expose the editorial process in action: the final poem from APS 11 here, the editing here.

image1New Aussie lit mag sighting: Kill Your Darlings.

As everyone no doubt knows by this point, FSG’s Lorin Stein has been named the new editor of The Paris Review. In case you somehow missed it all, or just want some more info, here’s a very brief interview of Stein by Edward Champion about the new job. And here’s Stein on the magazine’s famous interview series:

Aren’t the interviews wonderful? Think of the ones with P.G. Wodehouse, Philip Larkin, Henry Green, Hemingway — I wouldn’t wish for video, even if it could be had. And I feel the same way about Nat Rich’s recent interview with James Ellroy. It’s a work of art in itself.

More important news of the past week was of course the very sad death of novelist and story writer Barry Hannah. Last year, Gulf Coast published an excerpt of his at one time forthcoming novel Sick Soldier at Your Door—which was later reconceptualized by Hannah as a book of short stories (or so the rumor goes). Whatever the format, the excerpt is now up at the Gulf Coast website.

One well-read lit mag.

The third issue of Cerise Press is now online. Broken into sections of Poetry & France and Japan & Latin American, the issue has poetry from Jim Daniels, Kimiko Hahn, Robert Wrigley, Osip Mandelshtam, translation from Marilyn Hacker, fiction from Pablo Medina and Mary Helen Stefaniak, and much more.

Finally, the cover of Hobart‘s upcoming Great Outdoors issue.


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