keyhole-letterhead-logosidebarPeter Cole is an amazing dude and an amazing publisher who does great things for both the online and print indie community in general. I feel like this honest interview is a good time to point out that doing what we do, writing, editing, reading, publishing, is hard.

Q (Nicolle Elizabeth for Fictionaut): Hey Peter. I see you have a Keyhole group going on here on Fictionaut. Explain yourself to us. What is Keyhole (and its counterparts), and what does the group hope to do. Whats your deal, man?

A (Peter Cole): Keyhole is not much more than an assortment of other people’s work. Keyhole is a pimp.

Q: Are you going to apply your various roles as reader and editor to steer the group or are you going to watch what I would call, the Internet ants under a picnic basket theory? (I love ants, I want a tattoo of an ant.)

A: I can’t figure out what to do with the group. For one I’m hesitant to talk to people. The Internet is the worst place to talk to people. I like clicking Like on Facebook and leaving it at that. And aside from getting people to add stories to the group, the only other option appears to be the forum. I do think that groups were a good thing for Fictionaut to add, sending the users out to journals.

Q: What are your thoughts on internetting in general? (And specifically, if you want — I’ve got all day, I have no life.)

A: The Internet is a good way to make things happen. Also a good way to get hate mail because I’m not as fast as the Internet–there’s just not enough time for everything on the Internet. I try very hard to only use it for pressing tasks, and then ignore it.

Q: In what ways if any have you found Fictionaut helpful, interesting, or neither etc.

A: I do hope to find new writers on Fictionaut, and I have accepted a few stories through it already from authors I already knew. Some contributors have added their stories to the group, which is a nice way to give samples of what we like to Fictionaut users without having to do anything myself. Any outlet to connect publishers with authors is a good thing.

Q: If you had to choose chewing your arm out of a bear trap or explaining how difficult it is to run a non profit web literary journal to Kim Jong Il, knowing you may not make it out, which would you go for?

A: I’d be more likely to survive the bear trap. Kim Jong Il might put me out of my misery.

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  1. Bill Walsh

    Why am I not offended by the implications of Peter as pimp?

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