booksbymarcyYou might have noticed a few changes around the site recently, so here’s a much overdue update about what’s going on behind the scenes. Carson, Fictionaut’s co-founder and developer extraordinaire, is cleaning up code, fixing bugs, and adding features in preparation for our public launch.

New features we deployed this week include:

  • Book links. If you’ve published, edited, or contributed to a book, you can now easily link it from your profile page.
  • Comment notifications. Whenever you leave a comment on a story, the writer now receives an email — unless they have specifically turned off this function.
  • Overhauled invite system.
  • Style changes and minor fixes all over the place.

We’ve got a lot more improvements planned, and we’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see next, so drop by the forum or shoot us an email! Thanks for being part of an incredible group of beta testers.

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